Computer Network

Home and Small Business Computer Networks

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What is a computer network? A computer network is a group of computing devices sharing data over the air or through wires. There is an ever increasing number of computing devices in the average household or small business today and the infrastructure connecting these devices is becoming more complex, requiring meticulous management strategies. How do […]

Christmas Prop

xLights Interactive Buttons

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This is a tutorial on how to create a xLights xScheduler interactive button prop that will engage spectators by allowing them to manually move backward or forward through a playlist of a xLights light show sequence by selecting a “Back” or “Next” buttons. Required items: Buck Converter Wemos D1 Mini Wemos Protoboard Shield (Optional) Wemos […]


xLights Mobile Web Control

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xSchedulerWeb Button ControlforMobile Audience Interaction Introduction Last Christmas I designed an inactive controller with two buttons (Back/Next) to allow spectators watching my Christmas lightshow to skip to the next, or go back to a previous song during the show. Now I thought I would devise a way to also engage the people who were driving […]


Architecture for Control Networks

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ACN is a suite of network protocols for theatrical control developed by ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association). It is also referred to as BSR E1.17, Entertainment Technology – Multipurpose Network Control Protocol Suite. It may replace DMX as the control protocol for lighting systems and will be used for controlling more complex devices like […]

Embedded systems

System On a Chip

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The Internet of things(IOT) is quickly becoming an integral part of our culture. It is the concept that all our devices are connected to the cloud/network, speaking a common language and share data seamlessly. At the core of the IOT structure is the System On A Chip technology which allows an operating system to be […]